Smith Method Training for hunt dog  success.

Pet Commander Kennels would love to welcome your dog to our facility for training. Our facility is located in Gray Court, South Carolina, just minutes from Greenville. We accept a number of breeds into our program each session, and we would be happy to assist in meeting your needs.

At Pet Commander Kennels, we use a well-known system that the renowned dog-training Smith family developed called “The Silent Command System.” This proven method has been passed down for generations through the Smith family, putting their family name at the top of the bird dog industry.

Jonathan, founder and head trainer of Pet Commander Kennels, wanted to learn from the best, so he spent three months of intense training with Ronnie Smith and his wife Susanna Love. He is now one of a select few trainers that have a Gold Level training certificate from Ronnie Smith Kennels. Jonathan is a proud member of “Team HUNTSMITH” and proficient in the “Silent Command System.”

Pet Commander Kennels is dedicated to you and your companion reaching the ultimate goal of your choice. Our passion is for each and every team to be its best. 

Private Hunt Training: $75/hr +

Private instruction is available for individuals seeking one on one training with owner & certified Huntsmith trainer, Jonathan Watkins, to enhance their handling and training skills.

$75/hr, $250/half day, or $500/ full day

Pre-Season Tune-Up: $1095

Dogs previously trained at Pet Commander Kennels or at a certified Huntsmith location are eligible for the program. This is generally a one-month course, depending on the specific dog needs.

Upland Bird Dog Training with Huntsmith Format (3-Month Program): $1995/month

This three month program progresses your dog through three levels of training: Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Foundation Level:

The foundation level of training begins by establishing points of contact on the neck and flank of the dog. Establishing these points of contact with a mechanical cue of a check cord, whoa post, and command lead allows us to teach the dog fundamental basics of being a bird dog. This foundation allows us to build confidence in the dog that when cued, no matter the distraction, the dog will respond accordingly. Not only does this make for a great hunting companion but also can save his/her life.

Intermediate Level:

At the intermediate level of training, we are teaching dogs the remote cues and are also overlaying verbal commands to create the desired conditioned response. At this stage, your dog will begin to quarter on cue, be steady on birds, honor another dog’s points, hunt with you, and heel off lead. This stage is exciting for both handler and dog as we move toward a point of learned behavior.

Advanced Level:

In the advanced level of training, your dog is on the verge of learned behavior. Your dog has been challenged in various aspects of situational hunting environments. They recognize honoring another dog’s point, have worked in various scenting conditions, mark and hunt dead, and go with you in the field.

Wild Bird Excursions: $1,995

Each year, select dogs previously trained at Pet Commander Kennels or at a certified Huntsmith location will have the opportunity to go wild bird hunting in Texas and Montana with Jonathan and his personal dogs. Wild bird exposure is essential to having a “finished” bird dog. Please contact us for more details regarding this program.